The Whiplash Reforms

  • by Steve Densley
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The Whiplash Reforms are due to come in to force in April 2019. Is this Justice or Just for Insurers?

There is no doubt that the current system needs reform in order to deal with fraud but the proposals are so biased in favour of the insurers that it removes the concept of Access to Justice which has been a part of our legal system for hundreds of years.

Its is quite astounding that the ABI gets away with quoting outdated and utterly incorrect figures in order to justify denying compensation to thousands of people who would otherwise be intitled to it - all in return for a £40 reduction in insurance premiums that we will probably never see.

It's not just the genuine victims of whiplash that are set to suffer to please the insurance companies. Ten of thousands of people working in the Legal Sector and associated businesses could lose their jobs.

Whiplash crackdown could cost 35,000 jobs
Telegraph 2017

So what is the answer?

The Labour Party are trying to oppose the reforms and acheive something more reasonable. Raising the small claims limit is justified and inevitable but £5000 is just too high and it would place the majority of RTA claims in the Small Claims Court. Clients would need to represent themselves or appoint a "McKenzie Friend" to assist which opens a whole new world of problems

The idea behind the reforms is supposedly reduce fraud but how does the government expect to acheive this by taking matters out of a regulated environment and putting them in the hands of litigants in person and CMCs?

Is there anything being done to stop this injustice?

There are a number of campaigns including The Access to Justice Group and Repair The Right Body being run by First 4 Lawyers. The more publicity these campaigns get the better so please visit the sites, join the cause and share your thoughts.

Finally a letter you your local MP would be a great help. The bill is currently bouncing around the House of Commons so the more support we can gather the better!

Written by Steve Densley

Our companies Operations Director has been working in the Legal Sector for over 25 years.

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