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  • by Steve Densley
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Holiday sickness claims have come under fire - and rightly so - due to the huge number of fraudulent claims.

The fact still remains that there are still thousands of genuine cases per year where family holidays are ruined thanks to poor hygiene and a lack of basis food safety at many holiday resorts.

Thanks to "Claims Farmers" thousands of claims have been submitted that were exaggerated, falsified or just plain fraudulent. This has led to a crackdown by holiday companies and their insurers on these types of claim. The government has supported this by introducing fixed costs for holiday sickness cases.

Legal Costs for holiday sickness cases will be fixed under new rules.
BBC News 13th April 2018

However there are still genuine claimants out there and they now have a much more difficult task when it comes to seeking compensation.

One of the key areas required for a successful claim is a compliant medical report. In a case against tour operator TUI, Judge Peter Gregory blasted the evidence provided by Dr Vikesh Kashyap and branded his reports as "formulaic, superficial and unhelpful". In the light of this it is vital that experts instructed to prepare such reports are aware of the requirements and are able to provide full CPR compliant reports to support the cases.

To that end ML Doctors will be holding a training session lead by a leading authority on such cases at their office in Manchester. We would encourage any Medical Expert to attend if they are going to prepare reports in such cases. We do not take on large numbers of instructions for this work type but the cases we do provide reports for are rigorously vetted and we will only instruct experts who have attended the courses that we run.

For more information on the courses and availability please email services@mldoctors.com

Written by Steve Densley

Our companies Operations Director has been working in the Legal Sector for over 25 years.

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