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Specialist Medicolegal Reports

Screening Reports

We provide thorough screening reports meticulously designed to simplify decision-making in various specialised and intricate Medico-Legal matters, including housing disrepair, clinical negligence, serious disease reports, and more.

Housing Disrepair Reports

We have a team of experts specialising in Housing Disrepair Reports and Personal Injury Reports that may arise from housing neglect, including structural damage, mould, dampness, and poor conditions leading to personal injury or respiratory problems. Our specialised professionals conduct thorough assessments of housing conditions, assisting in legal matters related to housing disrepair and health concerns.

Clinical Negligence Screening Reports

We collaborate with esteemed medical professionals nationwide to provide Medical Negligence Reports. Subsequently, we coordinate the provision of an all-encompassing Breach of Duty, Causation, and Condition and prognosis Report as per requirements.

Our specialists in clinical negligence conduct a thorough examination of clinical cases, aiding in identifying potential negligence and generating medical reports for legal proceedings. 

Industrial Deafness Reports

ML Doctors offer industrial deafness reports, conduct hearing tests, and generate subsequent Medico-Legal reports for solicitors representing clients exposed to excessive noise, explosives, and other deafening sounds. This ensures a nuanced understanding for Medico-Legal purposes.

Industrial Disease Reports

Our team of industrial disease specialists comprehends the requirements of industrial disease reports and their intricate facets, contributing to preparing medical reports that assist in Medico-Legal claims and lead to successful settlements.

Serious Disease Reports

Specialised reports focus on thoroughly examining serious diseases for legal and medical assessments. ML Doctors collaborate with a diverse array of medical specialists covering various disciplines to prepare medical legal reports in cases involving severe and life-altering injuries.

Military Hearing Loss Reports

Military claims frequently stem from catastrophic and life-altering incidents. Our extensive nationwide panel of experts reinforces our all-encompassing Military Accidents Report Service, which addresses various injuries. We provide expert assessments tailored to military personnel and hearing loss cases, delivering comprehensive medicolegal reports.

SME & Corporate Services

We provide various services to help SMEs and large corporations with their employee healthcare needs. Whether you need employee assistance programs, corporate health and wellness events, or occupational health reporting, we have you covered. Our nationwide panel of specialists, led by an expert liaison team, can perform medical assessments, physiotherapy, and mental health services for you and your staff. You can rely on our team of healthcare professionals, such as GPs, nurses, occupational health specialists, physiotherapists, MSK clinicians, and mental health providers, who are always ready to serve you.