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Who is an Unrepresented Claimant?

This is where you are managing your own personal injury claim, through the Official Injury Claim Portal. An independent medical report is required to support your personal injury claim.

What is the Official Injury Claim

The Official Injury Claims (OIC)portal is an online portal which allows unrepresented claimants to make a claim for compensation for personal injuries as a result of a road traffic accident. These injuries often relate to whiplash type injuries. You will need to obtain a medical report to support your claim for personal injury from a medical expert. The OIC portal is a government system and ML Doctors are a registered provider of medical reports within the portal system.

Please click here to view a useful “walk through” video explaining the process.

If want to know more then a full Guide to making a claim is available, click here for the guide.

If you require further information, please find below a few helpful links:

Our Mission

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Medical Appointment and Report

You will need an appointment with a medical expert trained in medico-legal reporting so they can assess your injury and write an independent medical report that the compensator will use as a basis for your compensation offer. The duration of appointments is typically around 15 minutes; however, this is dependent on the nature of the claim, and can vary depending on the type of Medical expert you are seeing and the injuries you may have sustained -we will help you to arrange this. During your medical appointment, you will be asked details about the accident and the injuries you suffered in accordance with the information you inputted onto the Official Injury Claim portal, which would have been reviewed by the Medical Expert prior to your appointment. The medical report produced will comment on the injuries you sustained, how long it took or may take you to recover, and recommendations for treatment if required. We will be as flexible as we can, in arranging your appointment and some experts will be willing to make appointments during weekends and unsociable hours where possible. It is recommended that you arrive 10 minutes prior to the start time of your appointment to allow for the journey, parking arrival arrangements and completing any necessary documents such as questionnaires if required. You will be asked to produce identification at your appointment with one form containing photographic ID (driving license/passport) with a second form to confirm your proof of address (e.g., utility bill)

Our Dedicated ML Doctors team ensures that all instructions are responded to quickly and within the Service Level Agreements guidelines as set out by MedCo. We use an advanced Case Management System (Software), to ensure that each case is handled quickly and effectively. ML Doctors work to these very stringent Service Level Agreements and aim to ensure that the Medical Appointment Date is booked within 20 business days of us receiving your instruction. We also aim to ensure, that the Medical Report is produced and uploaded to the Official Injury Claim Portal within 5 working days of the appointment taking place. Where these timescales cannot be achieved, we will inform you as to the reasons why and advise you of the timescale within which you can expect to receive confirmation of the appointment and the report. We will let you know when your medical report has been produced, and quality checked and is available on the Official Injury Claim portal for viewing.

Please read our guide to understanding your Medical Report to find out about your Medical Report. Click here for the guide.

Please read the information within the remote examination guidance for further clarity .
Click here for the guidance.

How To Keep In Touch

It is the intention of ML Doctors to ensure that ALL customers have access to and can make use of our services. Therefore we have various ways in which you can contact us, whether this be via telephone, letter, email, SMS/Text, WhatsApp, Social Media and also live webchat facility on our website for those customers who do have internet facilities

Do not worry, ML Doctors appreciate that some customers are unable to reach us between the hours of 8.30am to 5.30pm, and therefore have the following facilities available to assist our customers outside of normal business hours.
1. Telephone support service available 8:30am-5:30pm Monday to Friday (telephone 0161 8393703). Outside of these hours, we have a telephone answering message service, where messages will be picked up and responded to by 10am each working day. Calls are answered by ML Doctors Team members whose first language is English, and who are not following a support script, but are able to help. If a customer requests that a telephone call is followed up in writing, staff will be happy to do so.
2. Text based near-Realtime communication mediums, including WhatsApp, Social Media messaging facilities and a chat box on the ML Doctors website ( are available. Members of ML Doctors staff are often available on these communication methods outside of the normal business hours (manned by a Live Operator between the hours of 8:30am to 8pm Monday to Friday). SMS is also supported.
3. Unfiltered Internet access is provided. This may be used by our customers to locate information and make an enquiry using our online enquiry form facility.

Roles, Rights and Responsibilities

ML Doctors

ML Doctors are a professional Medical Reporting Organisation (MRO) and are responsible for arranging an appointment for you with one of our skilled, qualified, experienced, vetted and approved Medical Experts, at a location and time convenient for you.
ML Doctors will ensure you receive correct and timely information at all times and will be available to guide you through the personal injury claim process. As a totally independent organisation we will ensure that the service you receive is unbiased and fair. 

ML Doctors will ensure that you are provided with a professional medical report for use in your claim.
What our experienced and professional Team at ML Doctors will do for you:

  • Do what we say we will
  • Act in your best interests: this principle enables us to place YOU – the claimant first, in everything we do.
  • Work together with you through the claim process; in a simple and easy to understand format.
  • Be accessible to you and ready to listen to any questions you may have
  • Communicate effectively with you through a variety of channels
  • Personalize our service to suit your needs.
  • Keep you updated, answer questions promptly and provide a proactive response.
  • As a Medico-Legal Reporting Organisation, we will use our skill and expertise to assist you every step of the way. We will appoint a Medical Expert who has the best experience and skill to prepare a medical report, that will be appropriate for your claim.

Medical Experts

Medical Experts are responsible for conducting the appointment, and producing an accurate timely medical report for you to use in your claim.
The Medical Expert is obliged to produce a medical report that is accurate, unbiased in accordance with Court Procedure Rules (CPR)
The Medical Expert’s primary obligation is to the Court regardless of the party who instructs them.
The Medical Expert’s role will be to prepare a medical report in respect of your claim for personal injuries which will cover the injuries sustained from the accident. 

The Medical Expert will carry out a physical examination, to assess the extent of your injuries, describe how these have affected you and provide a medical opinion as to how long your symptoms should reasonably take to recover.
The role of the Medical Expert is not to provide any treatment for you, but simply provide a Medical Report that will be used to value your claim.

Your Role

Your Role is to provide a truthful and precise account of the incident/accident, in which you were involved and accurately detail any injuries you sustained.
Your responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring that the details you submitted on the Official Injury Claim Online portal are accurate and truthful
  • Cooperating and responding to communication from ML Doctors, which is essential for the smooth progression of your claim.
  • Attending your medical appointment or giving notice if you cannot attend, so that we can rearrange a new appointment as quickly as possible – to ensure that your claim is not delayed in any way.
  • Producing photo ID and proof of address at the time of your medical examination so that your identification can be verified
  • Signing any documents as required – you may be asked to sign a statement of truth (required for the court), an agreement to release your medical records (if required as part of your report) or a remote authority from (to agree to a video call in light of face-to-face examination restrictions).
  • Reviewing your medical report carefully, to ensure details and injuries are correct, with no mistakes and in a timely manner. Delays in responding could affect the Medical Expert’s ability to consider your proposed amendments.


Our Customer Service Charter clearly states our service commitments to you as a valued client and the service you can rightfully expect when interacting with us. These commitments will be built into our training programs; our business processes; and measured through our performance management systems.


ML Doctors will:

Do what we say we will

Be helpful, courteous and treat our clients fairly and with respect and professionalism

Provide our clients with clear and accurate information with an awareness of their varying needs

Keep our clients updated, answer questions promptly and provide a proactive response

Develop and support our employees so that they are competent, knowledgeable and experts in their field

Protect our clients’ information in accordance with ML Doctors’ GDPR Policies and Processes (ML Doctors are ISO 27001 accredited)

Actively listen to what our clients tell us and act on their feedback to continually improve our service

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